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Factory price Fighter h4 led headlight 6500K 60W for lens

Model: WT-F12-H4
Power: 35W per bulb, 70W per kit
Lumens: 5800LM per bulb
LED CHIPS: Car level customized chips
Color Temperature: 6500K
Voltage: DC 12-24V
Lifespan: 50,000hrs
Warranty: 12 months



Now, more and more users are looking for the easy install LED headlight especially for the new users or motorcycle users. At this time, we launched our Fighter LED headlight which is same size as halogen, but 4 times brighter than halogen bulbs .

High quality nano turbo fan for keeping led headlight work in silence and the lifespan will be longer. No noise, No quality claim.

Built-in intelligent temperature control system

LED chips on both sides of the bulb are ON providing 360 degree light source
360 degree adjustable collar without set screws

1) Power(actual): 30W ([email protected]) per bulb, 60W per kit
2) Output(actual): 5800LM per bulb, 11600lm per kit
3) LED CHIPS: Car level customized chips
4) Construction: 6063 aviation aluminum
5) Voltage: DC 12-24V
6) Warranty: 12 months
7) Canbus: YES. If you meet more stubborn canbus and fix 100%, please click here
8) 6V DRL: NO (8V minimum)
9) Lifespan: 50,000hrs
10) Rating: IP68 (dust tight and can be immersed in water >1m in depth)
11) Color: 6000K(other color temperature like 3000k, 4000k, 5000k available)
12) Lens temperature after 15 min of running the lights: 41.2℃

Total bulb length: 70mm
Fan body length: 28mm
Fan diameter: 26mm
Space needed behind the headlight: 30mm

* OEM LED headlight Color box and manual
* Laser customer logo on the driver or bulb
* Customized product’s appearance

MOQ<500 sets: 3-5 days. 5001000 sets: 15 days.

2x LED bulbs
1x Instruction manual

If product was defective within warranty time. Please take a video to us and you don’t need to sent defective product to us. And the new replacement will be sent to you together in your next order.

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