H7 S8 LED Headlight 20W 4600LM 6500K

WELCOME TO WATONLIGHT! Why chose WATONLIGHT S8 LED headlight? Now, there are many kind of "halogen" size LED...


Why chose WATONLIGHT S8 LED headlight?

Now, there are many kind of "halogen" size LED bulb on the market. Our S8 LED headlight also a new one on the base of halogen bulb. What it's pros compare with other "halogen" size led bulb on the market?

* All the models can be 360° adjustable while other brands no-adjustable. That's means our S8 can be in the more cars.

*Higher brightness: Actual stable lumen is 2300lm/pc and 20W/pc when other similar size is 1500LM and 15-20W. So S8 led headlight bulb can replace more regular fan LED headlight on the market.

* All the color temperature can be available 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000L, 8000K etc.


LED chips on both sides of the bulb are ON providing 360 degree light source
360 degree adjustable collar without set screws

1) Power(actual): 20W per bulb, 40W per kit
2) Output(actual): 2300LM per bulb, 4600lm per kit
3) LED CHIPS: Taiwan SJ-3555
4) Construction: 6063 aviation aluminum
5) Voltage: DC 8-32V
6) Warranty: 12 months
7) Canbus: YES. If you meet more stubborn canbus and fix 100%, please click here
8) 6V DRL: NO (8V minimum)
9) Lifespan: 50,000hrs
10) Rating: IP68 (dust tight and can be immersed in water >1m in depth)
11) Color: 6000K(other color temperature like 3000k, 4000k, 5000k available)
12) Lens temperature after 15 min of running the lights: 41.2℃


Total bulb length: 70mm
Fan body length: 28mm
Fan diameter: 26mm
Space needed behind the headlight: 30mm

* OEM LED headlight Color box and manual
* Laser customer logo on the driver or bulb
* Customized product's appearance

MOQ<500 sets: 3-5 days.
500<MOQ<1000 sets: 5-10 days.
MOQ>1000 sets: 15 days.

2x LED bulbs
2x LED drivers
1x Instruction manual

If product was defective within warranty time. Please take a video to us and you don't need to sent defective product to us. And the new replacement will be sent to you together in your next order.
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